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Have Fun Posing inside a  Retro 1967 & 78 VW Photo Booth


A Retro, Mobile Photo Booth Bus

The Foto Bus of Shootemupsam is a vintage 1967 Volkswagen Bus that serves as a mobile photo booth for customers throughout Dallas, Texas. It is a street-legal classic vehicle that is driven around and used as a photo booth or for backdrop portraits.

The VW bus comes filled with vintage decorations as well as a variety of photo props for weddings, birthdays, family reunions, corporate events, and public events of all kinds. It stands out with its vintage decorations and lighting.

Our photo booth services include one 4x6 high quality photo print per session (due to supply shortages). A professional DSLR camera and lighting are used to maximize quality. Choice of music  is played in the bus. Our setup includes an attendant who will run the booth. 

The Vintage VW  Mobile Photo Booth Bus

The Shootemupsam Foto Bus at a private graduation ceremony with Mariachi Band


A Member of Dallas Arboretum 

Bonded & Insured

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