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Taking Photographs of the Magical Moments of Your Life

Snapshots of Beautiful Memories 


Special occasions are rich in memories with your friends and family interacting with each other through social activities. It would be great if each party attendee could bring home a simple, yet high-quality photo memento to remember the event. If you are looking for a professional photographer to cover your event, hire only the team at Shootemupsam in Dallas, Texas.

Our team is a photography service provider for all types of events. We cover weddings, graduation ceremonies, concerts, sports events, and more! Aside from photography, we offer videography services to all who require them.

Why Choose ShootemUpSam

We have traveled all over the world, seeing the beauty of places through photography. Thus, we know what it takes to take a truly
spectacular photograph.

In addition, each member of our team loves what we do and has a passion for pleasing people. Thus, we bring excitement and laughter to the party. Our team also knows how to loosen people up to take greater-looking pictures. 

Using High-Quality Equipment

Both vintage VW Photo Booth Buses come with high quality camera and printing systems.  There is also a QR code to upload your photos to your modern day device.

Our Competitive Edge

We have a 1967 Splitty VW bus which are some of the rarest volkswagons in the industry.  We also come decorated with a wide variety of props and decorations to create that special event!

Company History 

After gaining more than 33 years of experience working for an airline, Samuel McClary explored photography to save the memories he made around the world. Friends and family then asked him to take pictures at their weddings and baby baptisms to name a few. Some even asked him to take their senior pictures.

Samuel received much encouragement and direction from the Lord, so he decided to establish Shootemupsam. Before long, he was taking pictures at football, basketball, and hockey games. He also started taking videos of weddings and engagements. Then, he started shooting family and individual portraits. Sam added the first photo booth bus in 2017.


ShootemupSam Events has a variety of events for many of your special occasions.  Try our mobile paint class.  We bring everything you need to your location in the DFW area.  We set up covered tables with your easel, canvas, paint palette, paint, water cup, brushes, and apron.

Try our outdoor movie theatre set up.  The whole venue includes 14 foot blow up theatre screen, powerful outdoor speakers, blue ray movie projector, and popcorn machine.  Additional personalized options can be added.  Just ask ShootemupSam what he can do for you!


More About Sam

Now, Sam carries a line of full-frame Nikon cameras, lenses, and flashes to achieve the quality seen in his work. He also has a wide selection of backdrops, strobe flashing, softboxes, and video and audio equipment to enhance the quality of his services.

Over the years, Samuel’s photography and videography service has grown into just about every conceivable area. He introduced the 1967 Volkswagen Bus as a mobile photo booth in early 2018 and has been amazed by the interest people have demonstrated.

Much of his work can be seen at the First Baptist Dallas Church. In addition, he spends nearly every weekend, crawling around the campus capturing activities and events in Downtown Dallas, Texas.

Samuel has also done freelance work for JAM magazine, shooting music artists at local concert venues as well as photographing bands from the Austin area. In addition, local wedding venues, such as Honey Hollow Ranch and The Orchard, have featured his work on their websites. Moreover, Samuel has taken head shots of clients from many great local businesses in the Dallas area.

Over the years, Samuel has captured a lot of destination weddings and engagements, from California to the Caribbean. He does not plan to stop pursuing his passion for photography while meeting new people and going to new destinations.

Mission Statement 

The Lord gives us all special gifts. He gave Samuel the gift of serving others through his photography.

As a photographer, Samuel’s mission is to capture magical memories for all to enjoy. He continues to find creative ways in order for his clients to relive these special moments. In addition, Samuel plans to keep the Foto Bus Photo Booth growing, eventually adding a new bus to keep up with the demand of customers in need of excellent mobile photography services.


A Member of Dallas Arboretum 

Bonded & Insured

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